The Dowley Golf Outing

The Dowley Cup was presented by my son Robert Dowley to be played for by the Carlow Dowleys and friends to mark the 60th birthday of his father Leslie on the 7th of April 2001. The first outing was held in Rathsallagh Golf Club, Co. Wicklow. There were only 6 players, Douglas Dowley, Robert Dowley, Leslie Dowley, Gerry Cleary, Pat O’Shea and Tom Cooney. The first winner was Tom Cooney.

Later in 2001, it was decided to extend the outing to include Leslie’s siblings, Frank, Raymond, Gillian and Peter. This was played in Fathlegg Golf Club and Gillian was the winner on this occasion. At dinner in the Ship, Dunmore East nit was decided to extend the the outing to all Tinvane Dowleys and to make it in to an annual Dowley family reunion. Since then the winners and venues have been as follows:-

Year     Winner                     Golf Club               Dining at

2001     Tom Cooney            Rathsallagh           Rathsallagh, Co. Wicklow

2001a   Gillian Hogan           Faithlegg               The Ship, Dunmore East

2002     Louis Dowley           Faithlegg               The Strand Inn

2003     Louis Dowley           Carrick-on-Suir      Tybroughney Castle

2004     Tanya Dowley          Carrick-on-Suir      Kikiernan Cottage

2005     Richard Tunney        Faithlegg               The Strand Inn

2006     Raymond Dowley     Faithlegg               The Strand Inn

2007     Frank Dowley           Carrick-on-Suir      Kilkiernan Cottage

2008     Raymond Dowley      Faithlegg              Grand Hotel Tramore

2009     Nora Dowley             Tramore                Tramore Golf Club

2010     Bill Hogan                 Faithlegg               Faithlegg Golf Club

2011     Jim Oliver                 Faithlegg               Faithlegg Golf Club

2012     Jim Oliver                 Carrick-on-Suir      Tybroughney Castle

2013     Gerry Cleary            Carrick-on-Suir      Tybroughney Castle

2014     David Hogan           Dunmore East        The Strand Inn

2015     Mike Kinsella           Dunmore East        The Azzurro Restaurant

2016     Mike Kinsella           Dunmore East         The Azzurro Restaurant

2017     Gillian Hogan           Waterford                 Waterford Golf Club

2018      Mike Kinsella           Faithlegg                  Faithlegg


 Dunmore East Golf Club, venue for the 2014 Dowley Golf Outing


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  1. ann dowley

    Hello Leslie,

    I got your site from a cousin I meet for the first time today in Kilkenny, I will study it as we are doing our Family Tree.

    Kindest Regards,

    Ann Dowley


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