Baker Dowley History

The Baker Dowleys get their name from the fact that a number of the family were in the bakery business. However, I have definite but limited information on one branch of the family only.

Descendants of Michael D. Dowley

Descendants of Michael D. Dowley

Michael D. Dowley (1816?-1906?): The 1901 census gives Michael’s occupation as a farmer in the Carrick-Beg area at that date. He may have married an Anne Carroll in Clonmel in 1864. The same census shows that he had five children, Ellen, Patrick, Richard, Michael and Martin, but his wife had apparently died by 1901 as she is not mentioned in the census. He may also have had a further son, John, who may have left the household by 1901 as he was also a baker. Michael does not appear in the 1911 census so we can assume he died between 1901 and 1911. The only Michael Dowley death during this period is in 1906 but his age at death does not agree with the age stated in the 1901 census.

Ellen Dowley (1866-????): The 1911 census gives Ellen as a farmer and the head of the family at that time. As she was 45 years old at this stage it can be assumed that she remained single.

Patrick Dowley (1872-????): Patrick became a cattle dealer and it assumed that he also remained single.

Richard Dowley (1879-????): Richard became a baker and had two children, Michael and Trish. Trish married a Mr. Griffin while Michael emigrated to the USA aboard the Mauritania from Cobh and arrived in New York on August 18th, 1932.

Michael Dowley (1884-????): Michael emigrated to the USA, but no record is available of when he went and where he arrived.

Martin Dowley (1889-????): Martin is given as a farmer in the 1911 census but I have no further information.

John Dowley (????-????): This John was also a baker and may have been the eldest son of Michael D. Dowley. This John had two sons, Patrick and John. Local information suggested that John was an alcoholic who was involved in the “troubles” and died young while Patrick went to Dungarvan where he worked as a clerk on the railways and may be the father of Patrick N. who was born in 1933.

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